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Funny as it may sound, if you are looking for a creative gift for your girlfriend, what you are REALLY looking for is a discreet romantic gift , full of symbolism but not exactly crying sentimental. Know where I'm pointing at? This should be a gift that shows how much you care, listen, and value your girlfriend, how many tiny details you know about her. With a fancy twist, of course. So, let's take a look at our best options, shall we?


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An almost failproof starter point is something related to jewelry or perfumes. I hate to sound stereotypical, but in the vast majority of cases that's a great gift for any girlfriend--just add a creative element to the matter. For example, instead of going for a generic perfume, get her a perfume that smells of freshly printed books. Instead of giving her a generic ring, give her a ring with your fingerprint engraved!

Next, check out the cute & cozy stuff. Like a fancy onesie (sometimes they're also called kigurumi), a throw blanket with something cool printed on it, or maybe a giant teddy bear. Like, GIANT giant teddy bear.

Last but not least, think through the possibility of giving her something pretty to decorate the home. Girls love decorating homes, for the most part, you just have to know what kind of stuff they prefer. A houseplant? A human skull replica? A painting? If you know her well, any of these could be a fairly creative gift!


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If you want to REALLY make an impression, invest some 10-20 minutes into thinking about the symbolism of your gift. What kind of words or compliments you could accompany it with? Are there any pitfalls to the gift?